How To Make Almond Milk

How To Make Almond Milk

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I used faucet water, and I did one batch by soaking the almonds over night and one other batch in boiling water for two hours . One batch I also used 1.5 cups of almonds and 7.5 cups of water to provide us somewhat extra for cooking. The nearly must be soaked for, I would say, at least 4 hours. However, when you have a superb, high powered blender, soaking for an hour or so in BOILING water will suffice. Some blenders simply won’t chop up the almonds well if you haven’t invested in a fantastic blender. So, in case you have a “crappy” blender, the longer soaked, the better.

How To Make Almond Milk

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Can’t wait to experiment with this recipe (extra dates for an even sweeter milk, cocoa for chocolate milk, and so on.). I made this almond milk right now and it turned out awesome! I used slightly less water and my brand new nut milk bag and I’m super happy with the results. Hi Bari, you could add extra water to provide it a extra mild taste. Store-bought brands sometimes have very little precise almond in them, so if you’re used to that, that’s most likely the distinction.

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